Product Name: FR528R Arc Flash Face Shield
Standards:ANSI Z87.1, NFPA 70E, ASTM F2178
ATPV: 13 Cal/cm²
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Size : 8″ x 19″ (20 cm x 48 cm)
Visor Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Grey (Visor), Black/Blue (Visor Bracket), Translucent Grey (Chin Guard)
Scale number for filters : 2C-2.5
Manufacturer:Polison Corporation (BlueEagle)
Compatability:For round-brim helmets



  • Arc flash protection (American standard)
    Certified by ANSI Z87.1 and ASTM F2178 (Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating and Standard Specification for Eye or Face Protective Products). The Arc Rating, ATPV = 13 Cal/cm².
  • Best optical quality
    To provide users with the best vision possible and help them better focus on their task, Blue Eagle faceshields with excellent optical tests, including spherical refractive power, astigmatic refractive power, prismatic refractive power, and light diffusion.
  • Impact resistance
    Includes frontal and lateral impact resistance.
  • High Velocity Impact resistance
    The faceshield is made using extrusion-grade polycarbonate (PC) with the highest specifications for mechanical strength, allowing it to pass ANSI Z87+.
  • Superb UV protection
    We used advanced technologies to provide the user with superb protection against UV.
  • Superb IR protection
    Advanced technologies were employed to provide users with superb protection against IR.
  • Protection against splashes and liquids
    Large visors provide broad field of vision and protection against splashes and liquids.
  • Chin protection
    This series of safety visor can be furnished with a chinguard to protect the chin.
  • Fits round-brim safety helmets
    The visor bracket can be combined with only round-brim safety helmets and used with various types of safety visors.
  • Made in Taiwan Industrial safety face shield suppliers

Additional information


ANSI Z87.1
ASTM F2178


13 Cal/cm²


1.5 mm


8" x 19"
(20 cm x 48 cm)

Visor Material



Grey (Visor)
Black/Blue (Visor Bracket)
Translucent Grey (Chin Guard)

Scale number for filters



8 sets/carton