Application of Arc Flash Faceshield in
Electric Vehicle Maintenance

  With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for maintenance of electric vehicles is also gradually increasing. However, the high-voltage system in electric vehicles also increases the risk of arc flash accidents. Arc flash is an electrical accident that usually occurs in industrial sites due to electrical faults or operator error. It is usually accompanied by intense light, high temperature, and sound, and can cause severe damage to the body. Therefore, safety is particularly important when performing electric vehicle maintenance.


  Firstly, it is important to understand the voltage and current of electric vehicles. Generally, the battery voltage of electric vehicles is usually between 200V and 400V, and different electric vehicle models may have different specifications. Therefore, it is necessary for technicians who perform electric vehicle maintenance to understand these basic information, which can help them better perform their work and reduce the risk of arc flash accidents.


  During the maintenance process of electric vehicles, workers usually come into contact with high-voltage power sources and electrical equipment, so special safety measures need to be taken to protect themselves. Wearing appropriate arc flash rated faceshields, safety helmet, work clothes and shoes is necessary, but it is more important to understand and comply with the safety operating procedures.


  Before performing maintenance work, electrical isolation must be carried out to ensure that the power source has been disconnected. Workers should also avoid operating electrical equipment in damp environments and use insulated gloves and tools to reduce the risk of electric shock.


  In addition, to prevent arc flash accidents, appropriate arc flash rated personal protective equipment must be used. The arc flash rated personal protective equipment can effectively reduce the damage caused by arc flash, especially for those who work on high-voltage equipment.


  NFPA 70E (National Fire Protection Association 70E) is a standard aimed at providing safety requirements for electrical workplaces to ensure the safety and health of electrical workers. This includes safety regulations for arc flash, and specifies the protective measures and training requirements for electrical workers. According to the requirements of NFPA 70E, technicians should be equipped with arc flash rated personal protective equipment that meets the corresponding specifications, and should operate in accordance with regulations. These safety measures can help technicians effectively prevent arc flash accidents and protect their personal safety.


  For the safety of electric vehicle maintenance workers, BLUE EAGLE has been working hard to develop protective equipment, and arc flash faceshield is a very important part of it.

  Arc flash faceshield is a protective equipment that can effectively reduce the damage caused by arc flash to workers. Arc flash accidents are usually caused by current in high-voltage systems, which can generate high temperature and intense light, causing great harm to workers. Therefore, arc flash faceshield is an essential personal protective equipment.


  BLUE EAGLE began to develop arc flash faceshields before the popularity of electric vehicles. We understood that with the popularity of electric vehicles, the safety requirements for electric vehicle maintenance workers were getting higher and higher. They believed that arc flash faceshields could help maintenance workers effectively reduce the risk of arc flash accidents and protect their personal safety.


  During the development process, BLUE EAGLE conducted multiple tests and improvements on arc flash faceshields. They used advanced materials, coating and physical vapor deposition technology to develop a variety of high-quality arc flash faceshields. The faceshields have the characteristics of impact resistance, arc flash resistance, excellent optical quality and easy-to-use, and can effectively protect maintenance workers from arc flash accidents. In addition, the arc flahs faceshields can also be used with various safety helmets.


  BLUE EAGLE’s efforts have been recognized by the market. Their arc flash faceshields have been widely used in the electric vehicle maintenance industry. When technicians wear the faceshields during their work, they not only protect their own personal safety but also improve work efficiency and quality.