Product Name: FCR3 Aluminized Face Shield Visor
Standards: EN166, ANSI Z87.1
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Size : 8″ x 15½” (20 cm x 39 cm)
Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Silver
Scale number for filters : CE 2C-3, ANSI R3, U6



  • Best optical quality
    To provide users with the best vision possible and help them better focus on their task, Blue Eagle faceshields have passed the highest levels of optical tests (Class 1), including spherical refractive power, astigmatic refractive power, prismatic refractive power, and light diffusion.
  • Impact resistance
    Includes frontal and lateral impact resistance.
  • Aluminum reinforcements
    Aluminum edge reinforcements can help improve visor strength. A user can also easily bend or adjust the visor to suit usage requirements.
  • High-speed particle impact resistance at extremes of temperatures, , 120 m/s
    The faceshield is made using extrusion-grade polycarbonate (PC) with the highest specifications for mechanical strength, allowing it to withstand the impact of a 6 mm steel bead traveling at a speed of 120 m/s at extremes of temperatures.
  • Professional UV protection
    We used advanced technologies to provide the user with professional protection against UV.
  • Superb IR protection
    Advanced technologies were employed to provide users with superb protection against IR.
  • Enhanced IR reflection
    Enhanced IR reflection capabilities have been tested and certified to EU standards CE EN 166.
  • Superb radiant heat resistance
    Our innovative physical vapor deposition technology ensures that our faceshields are capable of providing excellent protection against radiant heat. Anti-radiant heat capabilities have been tested to the European Standard of EN ISO 6942 method B using a radiant heat source of 20 kW/m2, achieving the highest level of RHTI 24 > 95 s.
  • Protection against splashes and liquids
    Large visors provide broad field of vision and protection against splashes and liquids.
  • Resistance to ignition
    European Standard testing was used. An iron rod measuring 6 mm in diameter and 300 mm in length was heated at one end to a temperature of 650℃. The heated end was pressed against the sample surface using its own weight for 5 seconds. The faceshield did not catch fire nor glow red.
  • Quick and easy visor replacement
  • Made in Taiwan

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

Aluminized Visor


ANSI Z87.1


1.0 mm


8" x 15½"
(20 cm x 39 cm)





Scale number for filters

CE 2C-3


35 pcs/inner box
140 pcs/carton