Blue Eagle PPE Manufacturer
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True Color Vision

For arc flash faceshields, Color Recognition is really important.

Arc Flash Test

This video shows a professional arc flash test in a lab.

Radiant Heat Test

Radiant heat is a heat which radiates out from high temperature objects. Regarding the radiant protection, let‵s show you the difference between BLUE EAGLE‵s professional aluminized visor and regular visor.

High speed Impact Resistance

Materials are important! We show you the difference between polycarbonate and PVC. Polycarbonate can pass 120+ m/s impact test, and PVC CAN NOT even pass 40 m/s impact test.

Heat and Flame Protection

BLUE EAGLE aluminized clothing offers excellent protection against radiant heat and metal splashes, and is suitable for use in steel mills, metal foundries, glass works, and etc.

Non-optical tests for eye protectors

For user‵s safety, we seriously, regularly do tests for the eye protectors.

Polison Corporation

Polison Corporation was founded in 1978 and is currently a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE).