Product Name:blue eagle mask Activated Carbon Face Mask
Standards: FDA Registered
Material: Non-woven fabric, Activated carbon
Size: 175 x 95 mm
Package: 5 pcs / bag


  • Application
    It provides the user with high quality, reliable, and comfortable respiratory protection. Suitable for outdoor activities, yard work, cleaning work, public venues, workplaces, and hospitals.
  • Wrapped and sealed in plastic bags
    To ensure the best quality, the masks are wrapped and sealed in plastic bags, 5 pcs/bag.
  • 4-ply filter
    (1) Outer layer: Water resistant layer.
    (2) Activated carbon layer: absorbs smells and odours.
    (3) Meltblown layer: Fine dust, bacteria and pollen blocking layer.
    (4) Inner layer: Sweat absorbing layer.
  • Twin wire adjustable nosepiece
    The high quality twin wire adjustable nosepiece ensures a good fit to any shape.
  • 99% bacterical filtration efficiency (B.F.E.) according to EN14683:2019
    The masks provide 99% bacterical filtration efficiency (B.F.E.).
  • U.S.A. FDA Registration Number 3002822896
  • Ω-fold
    Ω-fold ensures a perfect fit around the nose and mouth
  • Made in Taiwan

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

Activated Carbon Face Mask


FDA Registered


Non-woven fabric
Activated carbon


175 x 95 mm


5 pcs / bag


50 pcs / inner box
2000 pcs / carton