Product Name: Bump Cap Chin Strap M1
Standards: EN397, UKCA, ANSI Z89.1

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  • Bump Cap Chin Strap M1
    Chin straps of the Blue Eagle safety helmet are compliant with European standard, helping to better secure the helmet while posing zero hazards to the wearer.
    According to testing methods provided in European standards, an increasing force shall be applied to the chin strap until it loosens or breaks. The force for chin straps to loosen or break must be between 150 N and 250 N. Chin straps that loosen or break at forces less than 150 N would be disqualified as they are not strong enough. Chin straps that fail to loosen or break at forces greater than 250 N are also disqualified as they may pose hazards (such as strangling the wearer).

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Chin Strap


ANSI Z89.1


1000 pcs/carton